From Manchester to London, then across the Atlantic to Los Angeles - I have been telling stories for over three decades...


The first piece of scripted drama I wrote was in 1983, as part of my Undergrad College application. It was a 25 page stage-play about an over-the-hill comedian trapped in his dressing room.  Almost 35 years later, I just wrote a 'short' screenplay as part of my MFA application.  For me, the good news is - crafting story, character and dialogue remains equally as exciting as it did from the day that I started... 

And it really started in Manchester, England when I used to spend the summers in my Dad's Bluebeat and Rock-Steady Record Shop. It was the early 1970s in Moss Side and the vibes of Jamaican culture infused the clothes, bass lines and bright yellow curry patties sold on the corner. This was a magical time - the first time I understood that every story has a soundtrack - a musicality that informs the narrative and our feelings.


"What kind of writing pays the best? ...Ransom Notes."

-                                                                          Elmore Leonard


In London, after college, I wrote for Melody Maker, NME and the early days of Dazed & Confused. I shot and edited music videos. I tampered with brands and branding at The Hugo Organization, Blue Source and a number of Creative Agencies.  The turning point was the publication of my novel, TRIP CITY, in 1989 and I landed with Carole Mann as a Literary Agent in New York.


Much love,